Hey, Chef!

I’m Holly Verbeck,

I help chefs start and run
their profitable private chef business.

I’ve found chefs struggle because they know more about cooking than running a business and:

  • they don’t know what to do first
  • the office work overwhelms them
  • they don’t know how to get and stay profitable
  • they exhaust themselves trying to do it all on their own

What chefs really want is a business of their own,
where they can make people happy with their food.

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For more than 20 years Holly’s been dedicated to elevating the lives and careers of chefs through profitable business-ownership – and she doesn’t cook!

She is CEO of
Lake Tahoe’s premier private chef staffing agency, founded in 1997 with her husband Chef Grog.
Holly is uniquely qualified to guide driven chefs who want to call their own shots, do what they love, and get paid what they are worth.

Are you done with overwhelm and exhaustion and ready to short-cut the process of building your profitable chef business? Our thriving Lake Tahoe business is proof that you sidestep guesswork and spinning your wheels with our methods – Check it out!

Chef Grog and I raised two kids, we take vacations, give ourselves paychecks every two weeks, make a profit and support a local charity with our earnings. You too can have a profitable chef business. Contact me to get answers and help today.

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To Get Answers And Help Today