5 Powerful Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Private Chef

(A good tip is just one…the other 4 are free)

If you’re a seasoned vet and already hire a private chef company to serve you, your guests and your loved ones, then you’ve experienced the benefits of having a culinary professional in your house firsthand. You know chefs give you back what matters most—your time, your freedom – and fewer dishes to clean.

A lot of people who are new to the benefits of having a private chef for their family celebrations, special events and corporate off-sites in Lake Tahoe have questions.

Many of us are accustomed to weekly services from housekeepers, gardeners and pool cleaners for our home, but when it comes to their vacation rental or second home in Truckee-Lake Tahoe, calling on local professionals to serve you a few times a year can feel tricky.

 Here are the five most powerful ways to show you appreciate to your private chef.

Tipping is Always Good

Even though private chefs work in your home, it’s still customary in food and beverage to tip your chef and servers at the end of their shift. A tip shows your gratitude and helps food and beverage professionals earn a living wage. It also ensures their loyalty to you when you call again. Tipping is a sure-fire way to get staff clamoring to work for you during peak holiday times in Tahoe instead of clocking in at another employer in the region who needs them as well.

(The HeyChef! office will send you Venmo profiles for your staff on the day of your event so you don’t have to handle cash transactions while you enjoy time with your guests!)

Give Your Chef Trust + Autonomy

Chefs love to take the lead and create for you! They are trained to create custom menus which reflect you, your guests and the occasion you’re celebrating – and they’re pros at coming into your Lake Tahoe home to make your experience personal, distinctive and effortless. Micromanaging can spoil the fun! Chefs are talented artists in the kitchen and professional servers possess a heart and desire to make your meal carefree.  One of the greatest joys of hiring a private chef service is being able to hand over all the details and go enjoy your party. The purpose of hiring a private chef service isn’t just to experience great food. Let your private chef create for and serve you so they can do what they do best – give you back your time and freedom. Get ready to be wowed.

(Once you reserve your date with an advance payment HeyChef! will create custom menus for your approval. We gather all the details for your event and it usually only takes a glance or two to finalize your memorable, delicious menu!)

Recommend Your Private Chef and Refer Them In Your Circle

You deserve a lovely experience with your private chef every time you hire them, but if they don’t work for you full-time, please introduce the chef to your friends. 

Nothing makes a chef happier than knowing you love them and their food enough to recommend them to other potential clients. Nothing speaks louder of your appreciation. And nothing makes a chef more loyal than guaranteeing they can feed their own family (or buy a new set of knives).

(Please don’t keep the good news about HeyChef! a secret! Post your 5-star review and share your experience on social media with a pic from dinner or a cool one of our chefs working in your kitchen. Nothing ensures our ability to serve you for years to come more than a steady flow of customers. Thank you for telling others about us.)

Reserve Your Special Dates E.A.R.L.Y.

If a special occasion is coming up and you want the help of a culinary professional, do yourself a favor and make a reservation early. Calendars fill up fast and our top chefs are in high demand (especially on weekends and holidays). Chefs have families too, and they work crazy amounts of hours. To help them show up and give their best, an early reservation is key.

(Tahoe has especially busy peak periods. Depending on the time of year we recommend making a reservation 45-90 days in advance. Reserving staff gives you the peace of mind you need to make your time in Truckee-Tahoe great.)

Your Private Chef + Saying Thanks = Great Food and Better Living

There’s no doubt private chefs elevate your quality of life, your family time, and your special celebrations. Period. Taking the time to say thanks, and respect their time with an early reservation adds to the quality of their life.

It’s a shame so many good, talented people flee their careers in the food and beverage industry. At HeyChef! we believe saying thanks with tips, referrals, trust and advance notice makes all the difference. Get ready to see what great people—and talented artists—our culinary professionals are.  And how you and your family will benefit from having them serve you in your home.

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