9 Reasons Why Your Next Your Offsite Should Be In Truckee-Tahoe
(Off-Sites Are Still On, Maybe More Than Ever)

Many organizations, especially high-growth tech companies, have long relied on off-site retreats – broadly defined as team-building or strategizing events that occur beyond the scope of regular office work – to build and maintain their corporate culture, as well as to present workers with an attractive perk in a competitive labor market.

Here are 9 reasons:

Reason 1: Offsites help your workers feel invested even when a remote job can feel like little more than an abstracted paycheck.

Reason 2: Bosses with growing teams and a lot on their plates know offsites are the most effective way to build culture and retain key team members.

Reason 3: Offsites help companies convey messages efficiently to many employees, build trust among workers and make the staff feel treated well without paying them extra.

Reason 4: Investing in offsites is a better use of money than trying to get people back in the office. Many companies are already giving up their offices and diverting facility budgets into off site events.

Reason 5: The gains in loyalty and commitment as a result of a successful offsite far outweigh those you can achieve with an increase in pay. (Example: The cost of a three-day, $95,000 Lake Tahoe off-site for 12 executives equals $7,916 per person; that’s a tiny carrot at the negotiation table to recruit or retain top talent.)

Reason 6: Many workers find remote work to be more transactional than in-person work. You Slack someone when you need something, and otherwise stare at your own screen in your own home. Managers see offsites as a way to make remote work feel more personal.

Reason 7: When the pandemic hit many teams strove to recreate the magic of an offsite with virtual meetings and social activities with lackluster results and the unintended consequence of Zoom fatigue.

Reason 8: Lake Tahoe is iconic. Truckee is charming. The number of activities available to all ages and ability levels is endless and life-transforming every season of the year. Your offsite can be epic.

Reason 9: You already know where to get the best culinary team! We provide shoppers, servers, bartenders and private chefs to make every day and every meal of your offsite delicious and memorable.

HeyChef! has the Experience to Give You More than Great Food & Service for Your Offsite

You know it’s just good business to plan an off-site, but executing one, especially remotely is much more tricky. Then there’s the question of how to actually spend your time together on an off-site. Thankfully you’re reading this right now!

At HeyChef! we specialize in offsites and have played a vital role in those held by companies like Silicon Valley Bank, Twitter, Gallo, Wells Fargo, Chewy’s, Box and many more. The three things that make our partnership the most valuable to the executive assistants and planning teams who were responsible for these company offsites are:

  • We provide 100% culinary support. From the shopping, planning, meal prep, pre-arrival stocking, daily meeting snacks, beverages, coffee, toasts, table service, pouring, and clean-up, we can provide professional, polished and discreet staff for every day and every meal of your offsite event.
  • We understand your need for privacy and confidentiality. (Yes, we sign NDAs.)
  • We’ve had our feet on the ground in this area for decades and we know the companies that support your activities, your swag, and your transportation and logistics.

The HeyChef! office team has deep knowledge of businesses to serve you and enrich your offsite. We’ve helped executive teams plan golf retreats, ropes course adventures, scavenger hunts, costume parties, snowshoe adventures, fireside stories with a cowboy poet, lectures by re-enactor/impersonators like Mark Twain and Thomas Jefferson, ice skating and skiing trips with Olympians and more… because we’re locals!

Now’s the Time to Plan Your Tahoe-Truckee Offsite

Off sites are more important than ever in a time of virtual work because it is easier to trust and communicate with remote co-workers when you actually know and like them. Since the pandemic, planners of offsite retreats have seen a rise in business and more in-person retreats are in the pipeline for 2023 than any previous year.

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