The Side-By-Side Comparison of Private Chef vs Restaurant’s vs Catering vs DIY

There are precious few things more important than your time and what you put into your body.

Thankfully, there are plenty of choices about how we use our time and what we eat:

  • Restaurants are becoming the norm for busy families, though they used to be reserved for rare occasions; day in and day out, getting food on your time schedule makes restaurants a practical option for many.
  • Caterers are typically reserved for large events like weddings and bat mitzvahs held at a venue where feeding large groups of people is the priority. Planning large events is easier when caterers offer set menus to select from.
  • Home cooks can D-I-Y it and put food on the table. Their skill sets range from heat-n-serve heads of household to passionate, accomplished home cooks who love to entertain. The problem is, these cooks spend more time at the stove to save money at the expense of spending time with their guests.
  • Then there’s the option of securing a Private Chef for your in-home celebrations and special events. 

Here’s a quick side-by-side comparison of these options for your special events and celebrations.

RestaurantCatererDo-It-YourselfPrivate Chef Staff
Plans Menu
Makes List, Go Shopping
Set Table
Prep Food
Cook Food
Serve Dinner
Clear Table
Do Dishes
Clean Kitchen
Comes To You
Serves in Chaffing Dishes on Buffet Line
Provides In-Home Waitstaff & Bartender
Exclusive to You & Your Guests
Carefree Drinks without Driving
Your Exact Favorite Table at the Time You Want to Eat
No Strangers’ Kids Melting Down at a Table Nearby
Your Kids Can Leave the Table When Done
No Need to Pile Into Multiple Cars to Go Eat
Create Effortless, Meaningful Memories at Home
Enjoy Time Cooking Together in Your Home Kitchen 
Host a Family Reunion – One Person Does All the Work & Organizing
Eat Dinner with Your Apron Still On
Signal the End of Your Party by Staring to Wash Dishes
Feel Exhausted After Hosting an Event at Home
Get Served Dessert While you Unwrap Presents
Kids S’Mores at the Firepit while Adults Stay at the Table
Long, Cozy, After-Dinner Conversations 
Privacy & Confidentiality 
Feel Stress-Free Before Guests Arrive
Feel Proud & Excited About Hosting Guests at Your Table
Wanting to do it Again!
And Again!
Happily Accommodate a Table for 8-30 People on a Holiday
Create Custom One-of-a-Kind Menu
Specializes in In-Home Parties

The Choice is Clear

Most home cooks tire of their own cooking. They want to be a guest at their own party, try new things and end the night free of exhaustion. Thankfully, private chefs are no longer a privilege reserved for the uber rich. Everyone can enjoy the experience of a private chef and it’s catching on! Also, more chefs are eager to showcase their talent by working directly with those they serve, and homeowners are looking to chefs to take the burden off themselves so they can focus on what matters most.

The Thing that Matters Most

For most people, securing a private chef for special meals comes down to three priorities.

  • Time… and saving it.
  • Individual attention.
  • Meaningful memories with loved ones.

Private chefs do what restaurants can’t, caterers won’t and home cooks don’t want to–we create customized in-home experiences for you and your guests that are personal, distinctive, effortless… and delicious. 

With the right Private Chef, you can spend more time on the things that matter most and revel in your free time afterward, too. Go straight to story-time, game night or a movie. Say it with me: “No. More. Dishes.”

It Makes Sense to Hire a Private Chef Service

If you don’t love cooking, have better things to do, are hosting an event that requires better skills or you just want to be present when you host guests in your home, hiring a private chef is a no-brainer. You’ll reclaim your time and energy for the things you love, eat well and enjoy the people who share the meal with you. Yum… more, better quality time. And you won’t have to do the dishes.

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