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Teal Giver Badge

These ribbons indicate team members who give directly to our charity partner, based on our value “Everyone in the community cares for the community.”


Chef Grog

Co-founder of HeyChef!, chef Grog grew up in Hyde Park, NY, where he attended the CIA and began his career in kitchens at age 15. Gaining depth of knowledge at Cordon Bleu and La Verenne in Paris, chef Grog applied his talent to local Tahoe establishments Pacific Crest, Le Petit Pier and more. Preparing American, classic French and the world for guests at your table.


Chef Gary

A Truckee original, chef Grog and Gary have worked together since 1996. Chef Gary is the co-founder of Best of Tahoe Chefs, which benefits Tahoe Forest Cancer Center programs. He is the original owner of Earthly Delights, Truckee, and Scrumptious Affairs Catering, San Francisco.

New Yorker

Chef Brian

Twenty years before the start of HeyChef! in 1996, chef Brian and owner/chef Grog worked shoulder-to-shoulder in private homes of the New York elite. Words fall short when describing the talent, efficiency and style of this exemplary chef. He can place the world on your plate!

Food & Adrenaline Lover

Chef Josh

This West Coast native joined HeyChef! in 2015, before traveling the world in pursuit of culinary excellence; nearly a dozen countries later he’s back and sharing his passion for seafood and sushi, with an emphasis on sustainable, local and regional ingredients. When he isn’t slicing it up, you can find him flying down his favorite mountain bike trail. Mamasake, Mikuni, Morgan’s Lobster Shack.

Submarine Traveler

Chef Michael

This chef from Disney World’s Polynesian Resort has owned/operated three of his own establishments in Hawaii and joined HeyChef! in 2014, adding flavorful art you can sink your teeth into. He is a true gentleman, profient at parties of all sizes.

Culinary Statesman

Chef Jacques

There’s so much to say about this culinary gentleman. He’s not literally on our staff, but his influence is so far reaching he’s practically in every dish we serve. After training in Paris, Chef Jacques moved to the United States, where he worked as a chef in top restaurants, and later as a restaurant owner. He began hosting cooking shows in the 1990s, and in 2001, he won an Emmy Award for a series with Julia Child. He’s written more than 20 books and continues to host shows on PBS.

Warm Hearted

Chef Adam

Throughout his career, Adam’s Philipino and Samoan roots influence his delicious, wholesome cooking which features the best sustainably-sourced produce, seafoods and meats, brightened by unique ingredients and spices from around the world. Chef Adam comes from the Ritz Carlton Lake Tahoe, Deer Valley, Alaska, and Hawaii.

Life on the Water

Chef Abi

At age 18, Abi started her hospitality and culinary career at The Breakers in Palm Beach and has been honoring her craft ever since. With over a decade’s experience as a private estate and motor-yacht chef, she knows how to command a kitchen! You’ll notice her passion for organic and sustainable food in every menu and that she feels like family in every home.

Southern Charm
Customer Favorite

Chef Taylor

Taylor’s chef experience includes a bachelor’s degree in business management. She has a demonstrated knowledge of baking and pastry, menu building, command of flavors and more. Her training under CIA graduates allowed her to work her way up through the ins and outs of the restaurant industry. Since age 16 she pushed herself to be the best chef possible. With a background ranging across many types of cuisine and levels of service, including fine dining and serving as sous chef for Nakoma Resort, she produces quality food and experiences for her clients, every time.

“100% All In”
Customer Favorite

Chef Chris

Chef Chris made his mark at Trokay in Truckee before relocating to Reno to serve as executive sous chef for Microsoft. He is accomplished in large catering operations and restaurants, is nationally recognized for his leadership skill and is deeply involved in his community. Wild River Grille earned Reno’s Best Restaurant title while he was executive chef. He is a musician and is fluent in Spanish. Serving clients at HeyChef! is a treat because he loves the chance to cook at small, intimate events where guests can taste his passion for great food and ultimate customer service.


Chef Jason

An experienced restaurant owner, Chef Jason has decades of experience from the Weston Hotel in Mammoth Lakes and as Executive Chef at Wild Goose. His style reflects a harmonious blend of passion, skill, and an unwavering commitment to quality. With an emphasis on locally sourced ingredients, Jason continues to elevate the dining experience, crafting memorable California-style cuisine to create meaningful connections.

Fine Dining
World Traveler

Chef Chris

Starting at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Portland, OR and an internship in Switzerland, chef Chris added to his years of experience at well known San Francisco fine dining establishments like Coi and Mod-French Jardiniere before moving to Truckee to honor his love of the outdoors. Locally, he has served as Executive Chef or Chef de Cuisine at restaurants such as Manzanita at the Ritz, Six Peaks at Everline, Stella at Gravity Hause, and Martis Camp. He focuses on sourcing ingredients from local venders and farmers markets; he specializes in California cuisine using French techniques and a lot of Asian flavors. Chef Chris has a true passion for food and loves to make people happy with the delicious meals and service he provides.


Chef Travis

Chef Travis has over 15 years of hospitality experience. He developed his skills and passion for food while working in Reno, NV at La Strada and as Chef of La Vecchia. He loves to develop dishes based on what’s available seasonally. He is adept at catering for large groups and accommodating. small dinner parties. His Japanese heritage inspires him to create Instagram-worthy meals you and your guests will rave about and remember. He was voted High Sierra American Culinary Federation Chef of the Year in 2022 and is a sitting board member of the local American Culinary Federation Chapter.

Tahoe Native

Chef Andrew

As a Tahoe City native, Chef Andrew began his cooking career as a means to snowboard. He fell in love with the culinary world and moved to San Francisco to absorb knowledge and techniques from institutions such as Aqua, Avenue 9, and The Waterfront. He became the Executive Chef at Mezze where he found his own unique style of modern Mediterranean Cuisine. Wanting to bring his new culinary skills and creative approach back to his hometown, chef Andrew returned to Tahoe to serve as Executive Chef for 12 years at Christy Hill. Chef Andrew is currently in the process of opening his own restaurant and believes eating is more than just a means of surviving, it is the cornerstone of gathering and entertaining.

Outdoor Gear Expert
Coffee Roaster

Chef Penney

Chef Penney’s background is rooted in clinical nutrition and clinical herbalism. She specialized in paleo, gluten free, and vegan baked goods for three years before starting her own a paleo meal delivery service and teaching sourdough fermentation classes. Penney is an experienced sous chef who loves crafting homemade sauces, condiments, and syrups. Chef Penney applies her knowledge of herbalism and uses unique spices to create distinctive dishes that impress diners. Her accommodating nature and hospitality skills make her a valuable addition to every in home event.

Provincial Street Rat

Chef Remy The Rat

Unknown in the Paris culinary scene until he was discovered in 2007 at legendary Gasteau’s by famous critic Anton Ego.

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