In 1994 I moved from Los Angeles to Truckee, and I had a problem.  I was working in human resources at a ski resort and fell in love with a chef from New York (whom I met while on a kayaking trip in Alaska). Part of this problem was solved by getting married, but Grog was rarely home in Truckee because he traveled extensively to work for his New York clients. Through our correspondence we dreamed of pairing my management skills with his culinary talents, and in 1997, HeyChef! was born.

Within a couple of years our small business was in a wonderful predicament – chef Grog was booked and the demand for private chefs was increasing in Truckee-Tahoe.  One day a chef said to Grog, “Holly makes it so easy for you to do a great job cooking. I’d cook for HeyChef! too if she scheduled the clients, assigned the waitsaff, and did the invoicing.”  We took that to heart and created a solution that allowed chefs to do what they do best, while leaving the planning and organization to us.

Within a short time we had assembled the area’s most talented waitstaff, bartenders, and baristas and offered them a solution, too: step out for a night from the restaurants in which you work and earn professional wages for showcasing your skills in private homes.

As owners of HeyChef!, we now live (together) in Truckee, where we raise our two children and work alongside 50 of the area’s most talented culinary professionals. We look forward to sharing our love of food and service with you!

With gratitude,