Throwing Parties in 2019 has Never Been Easier-or More Important!

December 25, 2018 by Holly Verbeck

The phone rings. And rings. No answer. Could that little Truckee business really be CLOSED? For good? After years, (actually decades) in business, how could they be gone? Why? What will you do with no culinary staffing company in Lake Tahoe? Don’t get stuck thinking ‘If I’d known throwing one more party would have made the difference between them staying open or closing, I’d have called them for sure.’ I had similar thoughts when in 2008 Truckee lost OB’s Restaurant (which opened in 1969); some of my favorite Tahoe memories were created in that pub! And it was a sad day when Truckee lost its only remaining locally-owned bookstore in 2017 (it opened in 1992); my kids loved spending snowy days tucked into the comfort of that small bookstore.

And now it’s our turn to decide.

But if we said you need to throw four parties a year with us and we’ll stay open, would you do it? What if we discounted the price on in-home dining experiences so much you couldn’t say no? Read on!

You’re our customer, Truckee-Tahoe is our home. And HeyChef! is our lifeblood, our pride and joy. So much so that we share our profits with the Emergency Warming Center and participate in Best of Tahoe Chefs each year to raise funds for the Cancer Center programs at Tahoe Forest Hospital. But our family also needs to be sure you’ll throw enough parties (and not just during that one peak week of summer and one week at Christmas) that we’re assured of a minimum revenue level. Or we just can’t stay open.

That’s why we’re offering a steeply discounted solution: the 2019 HeyChef! V.I.P. Membership!

You get four, yes four, unique dining experiences during 2019 AND another 20% off all other reservations for events that year. You get to customize the four experiences and the membership has a a bunch of other cool, valuable, memorable things as well. Just take a look and see for yourself.



It has a total value of over $12,500, and is now on sale for just $5,000. You read that correctly - that’s four dining experiences or services, for $5,000. It’s a no-brainer. If you entertain friends and family in Lake Tahoe or Truckee (or even Reno, Nevada) this package sets you up beautifully for a year of personal, distinctive and delicious dining experiences. Which four experiences will you pick? Take a look:



The memberships won’t last (there are only 26 available). And the price won’t either. It disappears on 12/31.

The V.I.P. Membership is a great deal for you if:

  • You’ve hired us to work culinary magic in your home for parties.
  • You plan to use our services in the future.
  • You support locally owned, small businesses who in turn support local charities.
  • You’d like more affordable inhome entertaining options
  • You love a smoking good deal

Need more good reasons? Here are a few more:

  • You need a yearend expense to help you with tax deductions
  • You often contribute items for silent auction fundraising and want something wonderful to donate
  • You need great gifts to give (e.g. your executive assistant, business partner, best client, etc.)

Brilliant, right? But act now. Please. Because…

  • The value on the Membership is too good to pass up
  • Committing to four HeyChef! dining experiences in a year isn’t that big of a stretch – you’re going to do it anyway, why not just plan it out with us?
  • It’s been our pleasure to run this company, in this town, for over 20 years and we’d like to continue doing so.
  • Our company profits support our local charity partner, the Truckee NorthTahoe Emergency Warming Center
  • Our business has contributed to Best of Tahoe Chefs for over ten years, supporting the Cancer Center programs at Tahoe Forest Hospital

Folks, this is my Jimmy Stewart moment. And I'd love to keep this dream alive. Because I want you to have someone to call when you're ready to enjoy your time in Martis Camp, Lahontan, Tahoe Donner, Dollar Hill, Incline Village, Agate Bay, West Shore, Crystal Bay and in your beautiful snow-bound chalet in Sugarbowl.



Here’s what you need to do now.

  1. If you want to party in style throughout 2019 call us now.
  2. If this isn’t the thing for you, share this with your besties (cuz, when they get one of these smoking hot memberships they’ll probably invite you to their parties, right?)
  3. Consider sharing or reposting this to others in our community in an effort to help us keep our doors open and our team smiling!

Oh, and one more bonus: When you tell your friends about the V.I.P. Membership and they join too, you get FIVE dining options, not FOUR. (You can’t beat that!)

Call HeyChef! today at 530-582-4882 and talk directly to Holly (yep, a real person answers the phone at this company!) HeyChef! provides in-home bartenders, baristas, shoppers, servers and private chefs for entertaining that's personal, distinctive and effortless. Visit us at HeyChef!

Relax and Enjoy. We are professional, polished, and discreet.