Our Clients Love to Party!

November 7, 2018 by Holly Verbeck

The truth is, we love certain clients more than others. (It’s true.) Let me lay it out for you: some people just love to throw a party! (And you might be one of them.) But here’s the difference: some people really know how to throw a great party! (Martha Stewart comes to mind as one such expert.)

So boy was I thrilled to see one of our very own favorite clients featured in Martha Stewart online when I was browsing Martha's site the other day. Featured for what? Party savvy, of course! The article features a party Lynda recently threw near her home in the San Francisco bay area for her sister Ellie and it beautifully illustrated how the purpose of a party becomes the focal point around which all other party decisions and details are made.

Let me explain what I mean.

But first, a disclaimer. Lynda didn’t throw Ellie’s birthday party at her Truckee-Lake Tahoe home where we have served Lynda, Ellie and their loved ones for nearly two decades. And this wasn’t a party in which HeyChef! was in any way involved. So HeyChef! can’t take any credit for the party featured in the Martha Steward article (photo credits Olive & Shay). I literally stumbled upon it. Glancing through the gorgeous photos I thought this looks like a classic party by Lynda. And I was right! The pictures highlighted Lynda’s magic touch for parties – exquisite décor and ambiance, spectacular detail throughout every aspect of the event, and over-the-top generosity for her friends and guest of honor. 

Gosh, her parties make me [and Martha Stewart] smile!

My husband, chef Grog, has been a private chef to Lynda for years and we know she expects the best from us because she wants to give the best to those for whom she’s throwing a private party. She keeps us on our toes and when our culinary staff serve at her Lahontan home we bring our A game. And this brings us great joy! (I’m sure Paul McCartney gets joy from playing guitar with a beginner, but no doubt he’s lit up when he just gets to jam with his buddy Eric Clapton. In this example, Lynda is Sir Paul and HeyChef! is Eric.)

Over the years we’ve learned a few things from Lynda who throws parties year-round. Lynda knows top parties are possible every week of the year when you:


  • You can throw great parties (even on short notice) if you have professionals at your side. Just take a look at the team Lynda had to create this birthday party for Ellie! A private chef, bartender, servers or barista really raise the service of your inhome private party.
  • HINT: Be cautious - you can't hire 'just anyone'! They need to be trusted, rated and experienced. (Read THIS previous post to find out how it can all go horribly wrong if you invite the wrong chef into your home!)

2. Have fun WITH your guests.

  • It’s wonderful to give the gift of hosting a party for others, but you also deserve to experience the party you’re planning for everyone else. (It’s my experience that hostesses who are busy tending to a party’s details rather than enjoying it with his/her guests are ultimately resentful and tend to do less entertaining over the years. Don’t let that happen to you!)

3. Plan parties around a purpose.

  • A party’s purpose becomes the focal point around which all other party decisions and details are borne. Lynda’s party was about more than celebrating Ellie’s birthday, who spent this last year fighting cancer for a third time, and who is an oncologist working to find a cure. So when she set out to celebrate Ellie’s colorful life, a colorful party was born. Check out the article, and you can see color in every aspect of the party: the flowers, menu, napkins, invitations, décor – even their outfits!

4. Let your guest list determine the menu.

  • This being a party of ladies, a light menu was a must. But it also had to be healthy and, you guessed it, colorful. Check out the menu in the article and see what I mean. (A menu for a gentlemen’s Martis Camp golf weekend would be very different. And speaking from experience, Lynda designs remarkable menus for that kind of gathering as well.)

So, I’ll admit it. It’s a lot of fun to provide Truckee private chefs and kitchen staff for people who love to throw great parties. And Lynda’s one of the best party hostesses we know. I like to imagine what a beautiful world it would be if everyone partied like Lynda. (I think it’d be like hanging out and jamming everyday with Paul and Eric, bringing joy to everyone within earshot!)


If you’re overwhelmed by the details and to-do lists of throwing parties; if you find you’re spending more time planning and working on your parties than being a guest at them, I invite you to call HeyChef! at 530-582-4882, text us at 530-414-3439, or visit our website.  Ready to book your staff now? Click here to make a reservation for culinary staff to make your in-home parties personal, distinctive and effortless.

Relax and Enjoy. We are professional, polished, and discreet.